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Splif Stick pipe for smoking Marijuana gives a clean and cooled smoke to your lungs. Is by far the best pipe for those who like to enjoy a pleasant Marijuana smoke. It It is made of 2 nozzles that connect to a large one.

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Splif Stick

Splif Stick filter pipe (10 cm) for smoking Marijuana gives a pure, clean and cooled smoke. This pipe has by far the best filtering system of Marijuana and is recommended for smokers who want to minimize the health risks and for those who want to enjoy a pleasant Marijuana smoke.

Splif Stick is made of light titanium and is characterized by a unique zig-zag design that cools the smoke as it passes through a circuit with more than 25cm long, where the most toxic, carcinogenic substances as well as bacteria and cold viruses that so easily spread among smokers are deposited.

Splif Stick is a great choice for smokers who want to enjoy a pleasant smoke and to totally appreciate its qualities. It can also be a great gift for a friend, thinking about his/her health.

Splif Sticks and Marijuana pipesallow you to consume Cannabis in the purest way possible, avoiding mixing grass with cigarette paper, snuff and other substances that brutalize and change its original qualities.

Put the joint in the tip of your Spliff Stick and enjoy an amazing smoke.


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