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Amazed is a pipe for smoking Marijuana with the size of a cigarillo that cools down and purifies the smoke. Besides that, it does not release smoke when smoking it! A spectacular pipe for consumers.

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Amazed Pipe

Amazed is a pipe for smoking Marijuana with the size of a cigarillo (8,2cm), spcially designed to provide an unbeatably smooth smoke. Besides that, the Amazed is a beautifully crafted hand pipe which features Red-Eye's unique maze filtration system which cools and purifies the smoke against most carcinogenic and toxic substances.

Moreover, the smoke does not affect your lungs: this pipe does not release any smoke when you smoke it. In this way, the room will not be filled by smells thus being more respectful for those around you, especially if they do not smoke. It is a great choice for those that do not have much money or for a nice gift to give to a smoker friend.

Amazed is made of titanium and is very light, so you can comfortably take it anywhere you want. It is packaged in a complete kit with certificate of authenticity. To use it, just remove the flammable area to have access to the compartment of 12.5mm and fill it with the mixture you want to smoke; then put the extremity back and enjoy great puffs!

Marijuana pipes like Amuzed allow you to consume Cannabis in the purest way possible, avoiding mixing grass with cigarette paper, snuff and other substances that brutalize and change its original qualities.