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Lumatek Pro 1000W 400V Double Ended ballast, state-of-the-art technology at a great price. A fixture that cut the bill while offering maximum performance for the crops.

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Lumatek Pro 1000W 400V marijuana ballast

The Lumatek Pro 1000W 400V Double Ended Luminaire is the best centrepiece for any growroom in your home, with high end technology at a great price. Specially designed to get the most of the new double ended lamps.

The Lumatek Pro 1000W Double Ended Luminaire is equipped with the double ended bulb system that gives you the optimum possibility of getting a uniform distribution of illumination throughout the room. The Lumatek Pro is designed to give to the plants the benefits of light, without specific light points.

The Double Ended ballast is designed to function with the new and better double ended lamps. These lamps are those bulbs that have two sockets. These bulbs will last for longer periods of time than a traditional bulb because they are far more durable and work better for the luminaire.

This professional ballast plugs in at 220/240V to operate with a double ended 400V lamp.

The Lumatek Pro 1000W LED Luminaire is able to run for an extended period of time even when the temperature starts to rise. It will give you a consistent illumination all times.

The Lumatek Pro comes with a long standing warranty. When you buy this lighting system, you are buying a piece of furniture that has all the qualities that one would want in a light fixture. This system is built with the use of a special combination of hardware and software that make the Lumatek Pro 1000W 400V Double Ended Luminaire a source of power and savings.

The double ended Kit is made in high quality aluminium, helping to cool it. The control knob has 4 positions that control the intensity of the light between 600W, 750W, 1000W and 1000W SL (1100W). The Lumatek Pro will give you the beauty and the functionality of a modern lighting system in a solid setting.

The Lumatek Pro is supplied with an automatic shut-off mechanism that ensures a protection system to prevent short-circuits or open circuits, as well as power surges, overheating, even protecting old lamps and suppressing EMI.

Lumatek Pro 1000W 400V Main Features

Electronic ballast with 400V power selector
Compatible with DE Double Ended lamps
Dimmable power: 600W, 750W, 1000W and 1000W SL (1100W)
Dimensions: 318x166x96mm
Weight: 4.9kg
Consumption: 5.1A / 1200W
Output power: 1150W
Voltage Range: 175-275V


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