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Discover the power of light with the Lumii Black 600W Electronic Grow Kit, the ultimate choice for indoor growing enthusiasts. This all-in-one package, available at Experiencia Natural, includes everything you need to illuminate your passion for plants, ensuring exceptional results from growth to flowering.

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Lumii Black 600W electronic grow kit

Experiencia Natural brings you the Lumii Black 600W Electronic Grow Kit, the complete solution to illuminate your indoor growing with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Electronic Grow Kit Lumii Black 600W.

Description of Lumii Black 600W Grow Kit

The Lumii Black 600W Grow Kit combines high technology and practical design to offer an unprecedented growing experience. This kit includes an adjustable electronic ballast, a high performance HPS bulb and a Stuco reflector designed to maximise light dispersion.

Unique Features of the Lumii Black 600W Kit

The heart of the kit is the Lumii Black electronic ballast, which is perfectly matched to the Xtrasun 600W bulb, optimising the light for each phase of the grow. The Stuco reflector, with its innovative design, ensures that every lumen is effectively reflected on your plants.

Kit Specifications

This kit is designed for efficiency, with a bulb that emits 90,000 lumens and a light spectrum that favours photosynthesis and flowering. The lightweight, easy-to-install reflector complements the ballast and bulb to provide complete light coverage.

Kit Highlights in Key Points

  • 600W of power for intense and effective illumination
  • 90,000 lumens from the Xtrasun bulb for optimal flower development
  • Stuco reflector that maximises light dispersion
  • Full spectrum of light for all stages of growth
  • Longer bulb life for uninterrupted growing

Products included in this Kit

  • Lumii Black 600W Electronic Ballast: dimmable, ultra-lightweight and efficient, with booster function to increase the power when needed.
  • Xtrasun 600W HPS bulb: 90,000 lumens for optimal flowering spectrum, 24,000 hour lifetime, and compatible with electromagnetic and digital ballasts.
  • Stuco Reflector: open design with seven-sided reflection for uniform light distribution and recommended for bulbs up to 600W.

Reasons to buy from Experiencia Natural

At Experiencia Natural, your passion for growing is our priority. The Lumii Black 600W Electronic Grow Kit is the smart choice for those looking for quality, performance and superior results.