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Afghan Skunk Marijuana is strong and easy to grow being also compact and productive. Its Skunk part has a powerful scent that envelops you completely as well as its Indica effect.


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Feminized Afghan Skunk Marijuana Seeds

This excellent Afghan Skunk strain is a genuine all-terrain suitable for all methods of cultivation which makes it a strain of easy cultivation. Originating from the rich traditions of Mazar-i-Sharif, a city in northern Afghanistan, Afghan Skunk has been refined to offer a unique blend of yield, strength, and flavor that stands out in the cannabis market.

Afghan Skunk has a good performance, producing large and dense flowers. It is compact and can reach 100cm high in indoors, while its structure expands when grown in outdoors. The plant can withstand cold and rain quite well and acquires very striking shades of red under cold climates.

The scent of Afghan Skunk is very marked and deep with fruity and sweet hints. In this way, it is advisable to use an odor filter if cultivated inside. Its strong Indica effect, combined with a medium-high THC content of 17%, offers a relaxing and sedative experience.


  • Produces large amounts of resin suitable for extractions.
  • Exuberant flowering with a prominent central bud.
  • Ready for harvest in just 75 days.
  • Turns reddish to purple in colder climates during flowering.
  • Citrus flavor with hints of spices and hash.

Main features of Afghan Skunk Marijuana:


Can be grown in indoors and in outdoors

Genotype: Hybrid

THC: 17% - CBD: not stated

Genetics: Afghani x skunk

Flowering: 7 - 8 weeks

Crop: mid-October

Height: Indoor of 60 to 100cm. Outdoor of 200 to 300cm

Production: 400 gr/m2