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Atami's Worm Delight is a worm humus that comes in 20-liter bags for easy transport and meets the needs of the vast majority of growers. This product carries additional shipping costs and is only shipped prepaid.

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Worm Delight Growing Substrate

Atami Worm Delight solid worm humus is a natural fertilizer that comes in 20 liters format. It is easy to transport and meet the needs of the vast majority of growers, it is a product that offers all Atami quality at a very economical price.

Worm Delight is a product that provides all the nutrients needed during the plant's growth phase, when the need for nitrogen is highest. Besides that it is a product that also provides phosphorus and potassium, which helps to increase the quantity and weight of the flowers of the plant, so it is a product that will also help in the flowering phase.

In addition to all the advantages listed above, Worm Delight also brings microbial life to the substrate, such as beneficial fungi and bacteria for plant growth and proper absorption of nutrients.

Mixing about 20% of earthworm humus (20 liters for every 80 liters of soil) will give excellent results, such as a more oxygenated, nourished soil with more microbial life.

Worm Delight features:

PH: 7.0

EC: less than 2

Size: 20 litres

Weight: 7.8 Kg

Organic matter: over 65% organic matter

Water holding capacity: 4.5 g/g


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