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All Mix by BioBizz is a ready-to-grow soil, enriched with a large amount of nutrients. It is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. This product has additional shipping costs and is normally only sent prepaid.

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BioBizz All Mix Substrate

Biobizz All Mix Substrate in 20 and 50 litre format, is a 100% organic substrate of high quality and can be used for all types of crops. This substrate contains a large amount of fertilizer and then needs to be supplemented with the rest of the fertilizers of the same brand.

All Mix is an enriched soil mix, which gives All-Mix a high electrical conductivity (EC) value. Fertiliser levels are up to 1.5 mS NPK, with a percentage of organic matter close to 80%. In addition, All Mix is pH adjusted for the crop.

All Mix also contains components that promote drainage, it is ideal for growth and flowering. It promotes explosive root system development, as well as vigorous growth and extra heavy yields.

When using AllMix for the first time, moisten it with water and let it sit for 36 hours. This gives the active PreMix fertiliser and the micro-organisms in the substrate a chance to unfold their full power before adding the plants.

Features of All Mix:

Control Union Certifications: Organic EU Input.

Good Soil Quality Mark.

Control Union Certifications: National Organic Program (NOP) Input.

PH: 6.2

EC: 1.5

Size: 20 or 50 litres


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