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The feminised Dream Berry marijuana seeds from the Female Seeds bank are the result of the crossing of the best varieties with "Blueberry" genetics with a sativa touch. All the flavor and aroma of blueberries with a stimulating effect that allows you to enjoy it with friends.


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Feminized Dream Berry Marijuana Seeds

The feminized marijuana seeds of Dream Berry are the result of the work done by the Female Seeds bank with varieties with Blueberry genetics to obtain the best taste and, at the same time, a stimulating brain effect. To do this they have selected and crossed a Blue Dream mother with a Blueberry Cheesecake father, which gives it an intense and unforgettable blueberry flavour.

The structure of Dream Berry is relatively short and compact, with a large number of leaves and long lateral branches. The vast majority of the leaves have the typical dark green colour, but in some cases, some have a soft blue glow or a dark purple complexion, depending on the phenotype. After it has begun to flower, it is a plant that grows very quickly, like a true sativa. At the end of the same one they will be able to be obtained buds of great or medium size, hard as rocks in the superior part of the plant and less dense in the inferior part of the same one.

Dream Berry is a plant that is easy to grow and has no special nutritional requirements and is better adapted to Mediterranean and less humid climates. Due to the compact structure of its buds, which may suffer from mold problems, it is not recommended to grow them in more humid environments.

The Dream Berry marijuana is a variety that produces medium indoor and larger outdoor production. With the help of the cultivation foci, and in 9-10 weeks, it can reach 400 grams per square meter. In these cases, a ScrOG culture is recommended to optimize the arrival of light to the lower branches and a more homogeneous distribution of its fruits. When grown outdoors it has room to demonstrate its full capacity and, about two weeks after the end of summer, can reach up to 1500 grams per plant.

Dream Berry has an unforgettable aroma and flavor, with a strong and intense blueberry sweetness and subtle touches of other berries. In addition to that you can find in it a touch of his ancestor Haze, which brings notes of pine and other herbs.

The relationship to the Dream Berry effect is also very interesting and complex. It is a good variety for daytime use, providing a stimulating, creative and energetic high and, at the same time, a small relaxing touch that helps to balance and moderate. 

Main features of Dream Berry Marijuana:

  • Feminized
  • Can be grown indoors and outdoors
  • Genoyipe: Hybrid with Sativa predominance
  • THC: Not declared CBD: Not declared
  • Genetic: Blue Dream x Blueberry Cheesecake
  • Indoor flowering: 9-10 weeks Flowering outdoor: Two weeks after the end of summer
  • Plantation: Spring or all year on indoors
  • Height:  80-150 cm (indoor), between 200 and 400 cm (outdoor)
  • Indoor production: up to 400 gr/m2 Outdoor: between 200 and 1500 grams/plant

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