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Sexbud is a feminized Marijuana strain considered to be an aphrodisiac that was specially designed to enhance and stimulate those moments of pleasure. This hybrid is easy to grow and suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivations. 


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Feminized Sexbud Marijuana Seeds

Sexbud is a feminized Marijuana strain from Female Seeds considered to be an aphrodisiac that was specially designed to enhance and stimulate sexual relationships, tgus being considered as an aphrodisiac. This hybrid strain was creted by crossing a specie of Pineapple with Grapefruit.

The plant of Sexbud has a moderate size being robust, vigorous and has a medium internodal distance. These features makes it very suitabe for indoor and outdoor culttivations besides being easy to grow.

The yield of Sexbud is high, reaching 500 grams per square meter in a growing room, while on outdoors it reaches the same amount but for each specimen.

Sexbud has a very fruity and intense taste, flavor, emphasizing the pineapple flavor with notes of lemony grapes.

Sexbud provides an aphrodisiac effect stimulating both in women and men the sexual disere. The sensations are intense and durable, both at the brain and body level.

Sexbud ends its flowering cycle in just 8 weeks reaching an indoor size of about 100 cm. In the garden it can be harvested one or two weeks after the end of summer.

Main features of Sexbud Marijuana:


Can be grown indoor and outdoor 

Genotype: Hybrid

THC: Not declared CBD: Not declared

Genetic: Grapefruit x Pineapple

Indoor flowering: 55 days Outdoor: One or two weeks before the end of summer. 

Plantation: Spring or all year on indoors

Indoor size: Up to 100 centimeters

Indoor yield: High Outdoor: Average


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