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Amnesia feminized marijuana seeds from Advanced Seeds produces a very pleasant effect, looking forward to discovery thanks to it's Sativa dominant genetics. Fast flowering and rich flavors at a very interesting price.


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Buy Amnesia Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Amnesia marijuana seeds are the favorite of connossieurs who like higher flights, that's because the powerful effect and Sativa influence. Coming from the Advanced Seeds seedbank this strain offers the best of Amnesia genetics at one of the best prices on the market. It comes from a selection of haze, crossed later with an Indica from Afghanistan, which results in a faster flowering with more compact buds that increase the average yield.

Advanced Seeds feminized amnesia is one of the fastest amnesias in the cannabis world, with a flowering period between 9 and 10 weeks while growing indoors, apart from that outdoors plants can be harvested approximately 3 weeks after the end of summer.

Amnesia marijuana strain has an average height, can reach 3 meters when it is grown on the ground, outdoors. For indoor crops it is advisable not to give you much vegetative growth as these plants stretch to the lights a lot during flowering. Due to the compactness of these plants, it is advisable to take advantage of the space available in the cultivation, admitting up to 16 specimens per square meter in a 5 liter pot each.

We have to emphasize that Amnesia feminized has different phenotypes that can appear in any crop, one of them it's has to be harvested later than the other, although where the difference can be appreciated more is in the flavor that it's exhales, it goes from a fruity one to another more citric, always with an incense background.

Amnesia effects are stimulating, fun, joyful and creative, deepeng the smoker in a world of discoveries.

Advanced Amnesia feminized Seeds features:


It can be grown both indoor and outdoor

Genotype: 70% Sativa

THC: Not declared - CBD: Not declared

Genetics: Kali Mist x AK 47

Plantation: Spring or whole year with electrical lights.

Harvest: indoor 9 - 10 weeks. Outdoor around 3 weeks after the summer ends.

Height: Indoor 80 - 190cm. Outdoor 200 - 300cm

Optimun Yield: For indoor 500 gr / m2. 750 gramos each plant outdoors.