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BubbleGummer is a feminized Marijuana strain being the cheapest strain available on the Netherland market having a characteristic strawberry gum taste. BubbleGummer is a successful Marijuana, easy to grow and suitable for all kinds of indoor cultivations.


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Feminized BubbleGummer Marijuana Seeds

The genetics of BubbleGummer has traveled extensively until today. Originally developed by growers in Indiana, in the United States, its posterior development was made in New England and has finally settled down in Holland, where we continue working with its incredible qualities.

BubbleGummer is a successful Marijuana, easy to grow and suitable for all kinds of indoor cultivations although it can be also cultivated in the garden, whenever the climate is mild.

Female Seeds have worked for several generations to get this Marijuana strain resulting in high quality seeds.

BubbleGummer stands out for its sweet flavor, being similar to the mythical strawberry gum flavor. The aroma is also sticky and attractive.

This strain fulfills its flowering cycle in just 8 weeks, being able to reach heights of about 80 cm on indoors. The plants are sparsely branched and develop compact and resinous buds.

The performance of BubbleGummer is also high even though Female Seeds does not give any specific amounts.

Features of BubbleGummer Marijuana:


Can be grown indoors and outdoors

Genotype: Indica dominance

THC: not stated CBD: not stated

Genetics: not stated

Indoor flowering: 56 days, Outdoor: Late September/Late March (Southern hemisphere)

Plantation: Spring or all year on indoors

Outdoor size: Up to 2.5 meters

Domestic Production: High Outdoor: not stated