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Chem OG's feminized marijuana seeds are the result of the crossing of two mythical American strains, created by the Female Seeds bank, which has already accustomed us to its excellent genetics. Taste, aroma and yield in a plant that stands out!


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Feminized Chem OG Marijuana Seeds

Chem OG feminized marijuana seeds are one of the novelties that you can find in the Female seedbank, already known for its excellent strains with a very affordable price. In this case they have crossed two mythical strains of the American continent, such as OG Kush and Chemdawg to create a very effective plant, tasty and with Indica characteristics.

Chem OG is an easy-to-care plant that adapts easily to different types of crops and substrates. The only recommendation the bank makes when caring for it is to pay close attention to the excess moisture in the last stages of the plant's life to prevent mold from attacking it.

The Chem OG marijuana has a robust and resistant structure and a medium size (can reach 110 cm indoors). Its leaves are very showy, with colors that can vary (depending on the phenotype) between light green and yellow. At the end of flowering it is a plant that gives away large buds covered with a good layer of resin and long orange pistils.

The Chem OG variety has a very high yield which, outdoors and just two weeks after the end of summer, can give away up to 1200 grams per plant. When grown indoors, under light bulbs, it is a plant that can reach 600 grams per square meter in just 9 weeks.

Chem OG has a powerful but balanced effect. It begins with a strong stimulating and cheerful effect, for a few laughs and, over time, is transformed into a more relaxing and sedative effect, which lasts over time.

In relation to the aroma and flavor of Chem OG this is typical of the well-known American OG, with an intense flavor of lemon, pine, earth on the side of the OG Kush, which in the mouth are mixed with the flavors provided by the Chemdawg, more bitter and with an intense flavor Diesel.

Main features of Chem OG Marijuana:

  • Feminized
  • Can be grown indoors and outdoors
  • Genoyipe: Índica 75%
  • THC: Not declared CBD: Not declared
  • Genetic: OG Kush x Chemdawg
  • Indoor flowering: 8-9 weeks Flowering outdoor: Two weeks after the end of summer
  • Plantation: Spring or all year on indoors
  • Outdoor height:  80-110 cm (inside), up to 250cm (outside)
  • Indoor yield: up to 600 gr/m2 Outdoor: between 600 and 1200 grams/plant