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The Critical Soma by Advanced Seeds is a feminized, super hybrid marijuana strain created by crossing Critical and Somango. It has all the power, speed and productivity from the Critical with an irresistible tropical fruits flavour.


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Feminized Critical Soma Marijuana Seeds

Critical Soma is a feminized, super hybrid Marijuana strain created by crossing Critical and Somango, which retains the best features of its ancestors, Big Skunk Korean, Afghan and Skunk.

This plant combines the amazing narcotic power, the fast flowering time and high productions of Critical with the irresistible and fantastic organoleptic qualities of Somango.

The plant is able to reach moderate heights (80-100cm) in a growing room and high heights (2-2.5m) in the garden. Upon the flowering period this specimen will produce immense resinous buds that release an strong perfume.

It is suitable for all kinds of crops (indoor, outdoor, pot and soil) although in hydropnics is capable to deploy its full potential, being able to surpass other strains that are more productive than Critical Soma. As for its care, we recommend to not skimp on organic fertilizers at the Marijuana gourmet level since is what it needs to potentiate its incredible taste and aroma.

In a growing room and after only 55-60 days of waiting, you will be able to collect productions of 400g/m2. In the garden, you can do the harvest in late September.

Its smoke is dense and rich, sweet and thick that you can almost chew it, releasing a delicious scent of tropical fruits and mango that will fill your mouth. Its considerable level of THC (18%) results in a powerful narcotic effect in the purest Critical style.

Features of Critical Soma Marijuana:


Can be grown indoors and outdoors

Genotype: Hybrid

Genetics: Critical x Somango

THC: 18% CBD: not stated

Flowering: 55-60 days (indoor) or late September (outdoor - northern hemisphere)

Height: 80-100cm (indoor) and 200-250cm (outdoor)

Yield: 350-400g per m2