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White Russian Auto from Serious Seeds is the plant you were expecting, In good conditions it may have a height of 70-90 cm, a jewel for which we have waited a long time and finally this bank has decided to market it.


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White Russian Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

White Russian Auto strain from Serious Seeds is the autoflowering version of the famous White Russian. Although is not a plant 100% uniform and although most plants will have compact buds, we can find some phenotypes presenting a more open flower, we can say that each generation of seeds improves the previous one and is becoming more stable with a larger number of specímens getting the best results.

The total period of White Russian Auto is between 70 and 75 days from seed germination until we cut the plant. However, in some cases this period can be extended about 5 days up to 80. In any case, we will always have a very resinous strain.

However, Serious Seeds places great emphasis on colleagues who use large pots from the beginning, since it is of utmost importance to tap the full potential of White Russian Auto. Although, of course, other factors such as light and temperature influence good results to greater heights and yields, it is crucial to use large pots from the beginning, for example of 9 liters and also to germinate the plant seeds directly in the larger pot and not in a small one first.

Some cases were found in outdoor cultivation in Netherlands, that due to the high humidity in the last days of culture, and due to the bad weather, in has appeared in some plants, some spots of mold on the leaves. In that case you should control it, going over into the buds, whether continuous humidity is high, and cut it before the time if necessary.

White Russian Auto has a powerful and persistent effect, more cerebral than narcotic. 

Features of White Russian Auto Marijuana:

  • Feminized Auto
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Genetics: White Russian x Lowryder
  • Type: IBL autoflowering basically Indica
  • Crop: 70-80 days from germination
  • Height: 70-90 cms
  • Production: 15-20 gr. per plant
  • Format: Feminized

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