100x Microscope | Cultivation of Marijuana


Bag microscope with an image magnification of 60x-100x magnifications. The perfect microscope to control the development of your buds and for an early detection of diseases, burns or pests.


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100x Microscope for Growing Marijuana

Bag microscope of small dimensions (145x45x20mm) with an image magnification of 60x-100x magnifications. It includes a small wheel that allows you to adjust the focus of the magnifying glass. Besides that, the light is rotatable which allow you to examine the object directly.

This microscope is compact (it fits perfectly in your pocket), long-lasting and very easy to use. It is a perfect device for professional, commercial and begginer growers, as well as engineers and researchers.

During your cultivation it is extremely important to control the maturation level of your buds and to detect possible attacks of parasites or the existence of mold in them. In this way, this microscope can be seen as a prevention tool, as it can prevent your crops to be ruined.

The 100x microscope includes a protective vynil bag and manual instructions. Battery operated.