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Lumagny magnifier LED illuminated microscope, very reduced size and 100x of magnification capacity, the perfect ally to watch trichomes or plagues.

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100X Microscope Led Magnifiying Glass

The Lugmany microscope can magnify up to 100x, goes completely unnoticed and takes up very little space.  It is a very good ally when the time comes to decide if our flowers are at the best moment to cut or if they have to wait a few days.

Its size is reduced, 65 x 25mm and has a LED magnifying glass that helps us to see better the trichomes, in addition, the necessary batteries are included, so you can use it in the moment.

With this magnifying glass you will be able to avoid the mistake of harvest before time checking that the trichomes are perfectly formed and thus not affect their effect and taste. The general rule is to harvest when most of them still have a milky color and about 30% more or less is already amber.  

If you don't wait until this point of ripening, you will drastically reduce the potency, the content of essential oils and terpenes, taking an unpleasant taste of grass, even if it is dried and cured perfectly.

With the Lugmany Microscope Magnifier 100 magnification you can decide if you want to leave the heads of the trichomes clearer to enhance the stimulating effect if it is a very heavy indica.

It will also help you to harvest in parts if you want the trichomes of all the buds are homogeneous, leaving the bottom a little more in the plant after having cut the top, which are the first to mature. In this way you will take more advantage of the light in the lower ones, so that they end up fattening.