Super Vit is a bloom booster for Marijuana plants that raises the final production of the crops. If you use it during the flowering period in any cropping system we will get outstanding results!

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Super Vit fertilizer for Growing Marijuana

Super Vit is a bloom booster for Marijuana plants that strengthens flower and resin formation and activates growth and flowering hormones for healthier plants and a better harvest.

Super Vit incorporates 10 amino acids and 15 vitamins specially adapted to the demands of the plant during the flowering phase. Besides stimulating flowering, Super Vit greatly improves the photosynthesis process of the plant thus getting more energy with the same quantity of light. Moreover, since it reinforces its structure and growth, the plants will be more resistant to adversities, besided increasing the development of beneficial bacteria and microorganisms in the roots.

Super Vit can be used throughout the entire life cycle of the plant. Add 1 drop of Super Vit per 4.5L of water or 1 ml (about 14 drops) for 65 liters of water. Apply it regularly during the cultivation. It is suitable for all kinds of crops (soil, coconut, hydro).

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