Growth and Bloom Cultivation Kit | Cultivation of Marijuana


This Cultivation Kit for the growth and flowering phases carries the following materials: a Plug & Play ballast, a reflective mirror or stucco, a wire, a plug cable and a Sylvania growing lamp. 400W or 600W of power.

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Growth and Bloom Cultivation Kit for Growing Marijuana

This cultivation kit for the growth and flowering states is composed of materials coming from the best brands. You can choose the power of this cultivation kit from the dropdown. This ambivalent culture kit carries the following elements to cultivate Cannabis:

- Safety Plug & Play (Ballast) ambivalent 400W or 600W.

- Wire of large length with injected plug.

- Reflective mirror or stucco.

Sylvania Grolux Sodium Lamp.

- Ready to plug.

This cultivation kit for the growth and flowering period are delivered as installed as possible. However and considering that these grow kits sometimes have distinct configurations you will need to make some type of connection when you receive it, but always in a simple way of doing it.

When choosing the type of reflective, mirror or stucco, please refer your choice in the comment part of your order. In case you do not state anything we will send the first coming at our hands. Rest assured, the efficacy of both is the same.

The two different powers available from this kit you can cultivate in a higher or shorter areas. Some growers use more power than others for the same growing area as long as there is a minimum of 400W per square meter.


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