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Sale of 400W full indoor growroom kit for indoor marijuana growing, it includes an L size cabinet and all the necessary equipment to get the best possible outcome.

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This pack contains


Full Growing kit with L growroom

Sale of the full growing kit with Cultibox 100x100x200cm growroom, get all the products you need to start your personal indoor cultivation at the best price. This complete kit with cabinet includes the necessary accessories to start growing at home. All the components that make up this kit with growroom are very good value for money.

This cheap growroom kit is suitable for a 1m2 growing area, more than enough for personal use. This kit of products is the best option for indoor growing and get large harvests.

All growing process is much easier when you use a specific cabinet for growing marijuana, since you have a place to make a microclimate suitable for plants, as well as all facilities such as place to hang the light or extraction sleeves to install the ventilation system.

This growing cabinet includes a complete light kit with an ambivalent 400W HPS lamp, which perform great both for the growing and the blooming phases. This kit with growroom is designed for those growers who want to make a complete crop with all the necessary accessories and at a great price.

It also includes a high quality air extractor, with a 125mm opening size and enough power for more than 1m2. Outtake tube is also included.

You will be able to turn on the lights with the time programmer, as well as find out the temperature and humidity thanks to the digital thermohygrometer. Finally, accessories are included to place the light on the top and a pipette to measure the fertilizers.

This kit with grow room and 400W includes the following products:

1x Cabinet 100x100x200 Cultibox

1x 400W Plug & Play Class II ballast 

1x Xtrasun HPS 400W 

1x Stucco or mirror reflector

1x Cable with plug

1x Analogical time programmer

2x Aluminium flexible tube 125mm of 1m

1x Digital Thermohygrometer with memory for maximums and minimums

1x TT 125 extractor up to 280m3/hour

1x T 100mm extractor with 96m3/hour power

1x Measuring pipette

2x Hanging Pulleys