CBD Charlotte's Angel® is a feminized strain, the first with less than 1% THC to be introduced by Dutch Passion seedbank. A medicinal relaxing genetics that allows to enjoy all the advantages of the Cannabis without psychoactive effects.

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CBD Charlotte's Angel Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Charlotte's Angel® CBD seeds are a feminized strain brought to us by Dutch Passion Bank for 2018 and is the first genetics from this bank with less than 1% of THC. To obtain this new strain Dutch Passion has crossed the Dutch Charlotte (a clone rich in CBD) with a Red Angel, a strain that only exists in the form of a clone and also has high CBD levels.

In relation to the effect, the CBD Charlotte's Angel® has a very soft one, allowing you to enjoy all its medicinal qualities without suffering any psychoactive high. It is a strain that allows to have all the flavor and aroma of rich in THC plant without having its rush, an almost inexplicable feeling until it is tasted!

For this reason CBD Charlotte's Angel® is a very medicinal strain, and its THC:CBD ratios range from incredible 1:10 to 1:16. This happens because its THC levels do not usually pass the 1% barrier while its CBD level could reach 16%!

CBD Charlotte's Angel® has a sativa structure and vigour, with a medium internodal distance and long resin-coated tails. This aromatic resin is of the highest quality and very suitable for extractions with great medicinal value, so it is indicated for calming pains, relaxing and anxiety relief.

The taste and aroma of CBD Charlotte's Angel® are intense, it is like a deep herbal aroma with a Diesel background and touches of pine.

CBD Charlotte's Angel® has a typical Sativa bloom, which can range from 9 to 12 weeks depending on phenotype. For this reason, it is a plant that needs to be well controlled in indoor crops, giving it only 2 weeks of growing. Opposite outdoors with natural light, this strain can grow narturally and offer higher performance.

CBD Charlotte's Angel Marijuana Strain Features

  • Feminized
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Genotype: Indica
  • Genetics: Dutch Charlotte x la Red Angel
  • THC: 0,7%
  • CBD: 10-16%
  • Yield: XL Not declared
  • Flowering Time: 9-12 weeks indoor, outdoors harvest 3 weeks after the day that the summer ends
  • Height: Not declared
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