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Somango Widow Marijuana was created by crossing Early Widow with the delicious and aromatic Somango. Somango Widow is a Marijuana strain suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation.

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Somango Widow Marijuana Seeds

Somango Widow was created by crossing Early Widow, which gives excellent yields in a very short time with Somango, which is one of the most popular strains i the world with a penetrating fruity taste and aroma.

The fruity aroma and sweet mango taste of Somango Widow was inherited from Somango as well as its final size, and its great resin production was inherited from Early Widow; overall, this strain has a good performance.

Somango Widow is a mostly indica strain which retains the potency and high resin production of Widow family, but with an exuberant branching and a larger bearing size.

This strain is very easy to grow and does not require much to thrive well, thus being strongly recommended for beginners.

Somango Widow is a Marijuana strain suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation. Due to its pungent aroma we recommend the use of a good anti-odor filter.

Features of Somango Widow Marijuana:


Can be grown indoors and outdoors

Genotype: pure indica

THC: 17% CBD: undeclared

Genetics: Early Widow x Somango

Flowering: 8 to 9 weeks

Height: 50-75 cm indoors. 150-200 cm in outer

Yield: 250-300 gr/m2

Yield: Late September

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