The pH7 calibration solution is a calibration liquid for pH digital meters presented in handy individual sachets.. This calbration liquid allows you to calibrate the pH to 7.

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pH7 Calibration Solution for Growing Marijuana

Handy single-use 20ml sachets to calibrate the pH to 7 in your digital meters. It is the most cheapest option to calibrate your pH meters.

To be sure that your Marijuana plants develp and grow well it is crucial to have a strict control on the pH. In this way, it is extremely important to carry accurate measurements, and therefore, extremely important to calibrate your pH meter monthly with calibration solutions like this one. Use pH7 calibration liquid like this, is practical and ecconomical, so you do not need to spend much to acquire individual sachets when needed.

You can know what type of calibration solution is needed for your digital meters by reading the manufacturing instructions: some meters require the pH4 or the pH7 while others require both the solutions. You should also know how to calibrate your meter. In some you have to calibrate the pH manually while in others the calibration is automatically regulated.

Price per sachet.

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