Vitalink Essentials EC 2.8 calibration solution



Buy the Vitalink Essentials EC 2.8 calibration solution, an extremely needed calibration liquid to allow EC meters to work properly and last longer. With this calibration liquid you can calibrate EC meters to the 2.8 level. 

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Vitalink Essentials EC 2.8 Calibration Solution

Cheap Vitalink Essentials EC 2.8 Calibration Solution for sale, a calibration liquid for digital EC meters. This is an essential product when working with digital meters, as with use they lose their initial calibration and need to be readjusted periodically. This Vitalink solution allows you to calibrate your EC acidity or alkalinity meters to EC 2.8 at the best price on the market.

The correct EC measurement when growing plants is essential to ensure good nutrition and proper growth. To get a correct measurement, it is essential that you calibrate your meters at least once a month with calibration liquids such as the Vitalink Essentials EC 2.8.

Vitalink Essentials EC 2.8 is perfect for every calibration needed during the growing season, as the bottle has enough for many uses to save money. 

Consult your instruction manual to find out what type of liquid or calibration solution your digital meter needs. Some meters require a EC 2.8 calibration solution, but there are others that may require different values. You will also need to check how to calibrate your model of reader: sometimes digital readers have a manual control to regulate the EC and sometimes the EC is regulated automatically after applying the calibration liquid and following the instructions on the screen.

Remember that you will also need a cleaning solution and a maintenance solution to keep your meters working as good as the day you bought them.

250 millilitre bottle.