The Silicone Bong of paraphernalia of the marijuana is a very resistant bong and of high quality. It consists of 2 parts that can be separated to introduce ice inside and thus cool the smoke, giving a much more pleasant feeling to the puff.

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Silicone Bong

The silicone bong is a bong that consists of 2 parts and made entirely of silicone, which makes it very resistant to all parties to which we carry it. This bong can be opened to introduce ice inside and, in this way, cool the smoke of the puff and making it much more pleasant.

This bong allows you to consume different products, ranging from tobacco to hashish and marijuana. That if, it is recommendable the use of metallic grilles so that it does not get so dirty. In addition to the grids, to this bong you can also add the loading bowl, which is not included, and that facilitates the tasks of loading and cleaning the product.

Available in different colors, this Silicone bong is about 35cm high and is the ideal companion to take to all parties or enjoy solitaire.

Features of Silicone Marijuana Bong

Size: 34,5 cm

Cup: Silicone

Box: not included

Cleaning set: Not included

Grilles: Not included

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