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Organic Iguana Juice Grow is a highly concentrated liquid fertilizerfor Marijuana plants, a potent mixture of organic components that helps your plant to develop stronger, larger and healthier roots and branches.

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Organic Iguana Juice Grow for Growing Marijuana

Organic Iguana Juice Grow is a highly concentrated liquid fertilizer for Marijuana plants being indicated for any kind of plants and especially recommended for plants producing essential oils and resins or plants with high medicinal value. It is compatible with hydroponics and soil.

Organic Iguana Juice Grow is a soluble fertilizer that gives a potent concentration of organic matter to the plant thus helping it to develop provides a powerful concentration of organic matter that helps your plant to develop stronger, larger and healthier roots and branches and accompanying the plant during its life cycle.

The formula of Organic Iguana Juice Grow includes, among other elements, more than 70 macro and micro nutrients, humus worm, vitamins, bat and birds guano, fresh North Pacific fishes, yucca extracts, alfalfa krill and pure volcanic ash. It has everything! Indeed, Organic Iguana Juice Grow includes 15 times more organic matter that any fertilizer of its category.

This results in plants with stronger main stems, more abundant lateral branches, fast-growing roots thus leading to more powerful plants that will be able to produce huge quantities of aromatic and resinous buds.

You can maximize the action of Organic Iguana Juice Grow by combining it with fertilizers and boosters like Piranha, Tarantula, Voodoo Juice, Sensizym and Organic B from Advanced Nutrients and especially with Organic Iguana Juice bloom, a flowering stimulator recommended for the flowering period.

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