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Heavy Bud Auto is an autoflowering hybrid Marijuana strain of 4th generation. It is characterized by producing huge and very solid buds and a delicious sweet flavor being potente and robust. A plant suitable for professional and beginner growers.


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Heavy Bud Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

Heavy Bud is an Automatic hybrid Marijuana strain of 4th generation created by crossing Skunk Red Hair and a selected indica automatic Marijuana.

At the time, Skunk Red Hair was chosen as the genetic mother because since it guarantees a delicious sweet flavor and amazing organoleptic qualities, and due to its cross with an autoflowering indica it was possible significantly reduce the time of flowering of the first strain.

And so was born Heavy Bud Auto, a plant with Indica characteristics being able to reach heights ranging from 75-90cm on indoors and around 150cm on outdoors. It develops many branches and offers very impressive yields. This plant is robust, powerful and solid and is resistant to adverse climate conditions and pests, tolerating fairly well rookies errors that sometimes are made.

Nonetheless, Heavy Buds Auto really stands out for its huge amounts of dense buds. These "heavy buds" as its name suggests, become completely covered with resin. Get ready to collect generous productions ranging from 350-450g per square meter in a growing indoors after 60-70 days of waiting.

As for its taste, Heavy Bud Auto delights you with a range of fruity and sweet tastes with some citric hints and a very pleasant and smooth smoke. Due to its clear indica dominance, this strain will provide a corporal and super relaxing effect.

Features of Heavy Bud Auto Marijuana:

  • Feminized

Indoor/outdoorGenotype: AutofloweringGenetics: Skunk Red Hair x automatic IndicasTHC: 15% CBD: not statedFlowering: 60-70 days ( indoor) or between April and November (outdoor - northern hemisphere)Height: 70-90cm (inside) and 90-150cm (outdoor)Yield: 350-400g per m2