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Heavy Bud is a feminized Marijuana created for its vigorous growth and pest resistance being suitable for beginners. Besides that, Heavy Buds has a great production.


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Feminized Heavy Bud Marijuana Seeds

This surprising feminized Marijuana strain yields hallucinating outcomes.

This fantastic results are due to its uniformity and growth strength in almost any cultivation system. Moreover, it is also highly resistant to pests and fungi thus making Heavy Bud perfect for beginner growers.

This plant grows in a compact way with a very stable pattern so the plants are very similar to each other, what makes it ideal for indoor cultivation without bad surprises.

It has a sweet and smooth aroma but very refined, something quite unusual Marijuana varieties. Regarding its taste, it is soft with a mentholated and a citric tangerine touch. For being so soft, Heavy Bud can be smoked by everyone, expert or beginners and unmixed with snuff.

It should also be noted that Heavy Bud has an amazing yield, its incredible hybrid vigor makes the final weight to be higher than ever expected.

It is also suitable for outdoor growing and can be collected in early September.

Main features of Heavy Bud Marijuana:

Genotype: not stated

THC: 18 % - CBD: Undeclared

Genetics: Red Skunk x B-52

Flowering: 8 to 9 weeks

Harvest: in early September

Height: Indoor of 70 to 100cm. Outdoor of 150 to 250cm

Yield: 300-400 gr/m2