Light Rail 3.5 Intellidrive is a self-powered light rail engine ideal to get the most of every watt applied to indoor growing areas. Perfect for rectangular culture areas.

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Light Rail 3.5 for Growing Marijuana

Light Rail 3.5 Intellidrive is a lightning system mounted on 180cm rail with a self-powered engine. It has a capacity of 6rpm and a speed of 60cm per minute. It does not need any chain or or pulleys and is perfect for rectangular culture areas.

With Light Rail 3.5 you can be sure to get the most of every watt invested in your growing room which also helps to stabilize the size of all your plants. This model is one of the most popular that exists on the market.

Light Rail 3.5 is ignited by a magnetic switch and includes a stop timer at the end, allowing you to configure the lights that are stopped at the end of the trail for a time between 2 and 120 seconds before starting the reverse route.

Besides that, this device comes with a power cable of 4.5 m, and two cars without extra traction to facilitate the transport of the tubes. The lenght of the rail is of 180cm although the total lenght reaches 220cm long with a useful travel of up to 210cm, regulable according to the crop needs.

An essential device to get the maximum performance of your indoor Marijuana plants.