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The ETI Ballast Class 2 is an ideal electromagnetic ballast for indoor growing of Marijuana plants manufactured in Spain with the highest quality materials. These ballasts are used to start both sodium and metal halide lamps.

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ETI Ballast Class 2 for Growing Marijuana

The ETI Ballast Class 2 is an ideal electromagnetic ballast for indoor growing of Marijuana plants. It is manufactured in Spain and is made by top quality materials, like shell fire retardant polyamide that prevents garment, and is used to start both HPS and MH which gives great versatility.

The ETI Ballast Class 2 incorporates a capacitor and starter assemblies, so you just have to plug the reflector to make it work. Besides that, it is very reliable since it includes a thermal protection chip that makes off switches automatically in case of overheating, a security meter against dust with more than 0.25cm and a water accumulation system (IP-30 protection).

They are ready to be connected since they come with a 1.5 meter wiring connection to the electricity network, and a 3 meter cable from the ballast to the lamp, which lights up immediately providing more stabilitiy to plants, since it avoids initial flicker. Note that these ballasts must be set up outside the grow room. Moreover, this ETI Ballast Class 2 meets all European safety certifications, which enrues that it is resistant to dust and water splashes.

A ballast is a power unit used to increase and to maintain the stability of the current flow in discharge lamps being suitable for indoor cultivations. Ballasts are very important to start any high-pressure lamp (MH, HPS or mixed).

Main features of ETI Ballast Class 2:

  • Action: 24.5 x 12.2 x 10.5cm
  • Weight: 6-8kg
  • Housing Flame retardant polyamide
  • Includes thermal protection chip
  • Capacitor and starter assemblies
  • Includes all wiring and plugs for installation
  • Valid for MH and HPS lamps
  • 3 different powers available: 150W, 400W and 600W
  • Meets EEC security certifications