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The feminized marijuana seeds Space Cookies from Paradise Seeds is a hybrid of the mythical Girl Scout Cookies crossed with landraces from all over the world. The result is a strain with very balanced effect and intense sweet taste that seems to come directly from the outer space.


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Feminized Space Cookies Marijuana Seeds

The feminized marijuana seeds Space Cookies are one of the last strains presented by Paradise Seeds and result from genetic work done with strains native to India, Africa and South America crossed with the mythical Girl Scout Cookies.

The result is a plant with an intense sweet taste, fast flowering and a very balanced effect.

What is the structure of Space Cookies?

Space Cookies plants have a medium size shrub shape, with strong lateral branching resulting in a very wide plant. Indoors it is a plant that does not offer many problems with height and its fast flowering allows for quick results. Outdoors it prefers sunny and Mediterranean climates even though it can withstand cold without problems and is resistant to pests and fungi. The low temperatures at the end of flowering give it a colorful purple.

How much does Space Cookies produce?

The amounts Space Cookies can offer are high, both indoors and outdoors. When using grow lights is a strain that can offer up to 550 grams per square meter. Outdoors, with sunlight, its production can reach 1000 grams per plant.

What effect does Space Cookies have?

Space Cookies have a powerful and extremely balanced effect. While it has the typical relaxing effects of Cookies genetics, its landrace ancestry gives it a euphoric character that balances the sensations.

What does Space Cookies taste like?

The flavours and aromas presented by Space Cookies are mainly sweet with a background of pine and wood.

How is Space Cookies cultivated?

Space Cookies plants are very easy to grow and adapt easily both indoors and outdoors.

Their flowering will be ready in about 65 days indoors and outdoors about two weeks after the end of summer.

Characteristics of the marijuana Space Cookies

  • Interior and exterior
  • Feminized
  • Genotype: 60% Indica
  • Genetics: Girl Scout Cookies x landraces India, Africa and South America
  • Cannabinoids: up to 22% THC; CBD 0.1%.
  • Height: Medium.
  • Flowering: 65 days (indoor) or two weeks after the end of summer.
  • Yield: Up to 550 g/m2 outdoors up to 1000 grams per plant.
  • Planting: Spring or all year round with artificial light.

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