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Dark Devil Autoflowering Marijuana is an amazing black and purple strain of Marijuana, a cross between Big Devil XL and a automatic strain of exotic purple flowers from Buddha Seeds.


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Dark Devil Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

Dark Devil is a strain of autoflowering Marijuana developed in collaboration with Buddha. To obtain this strain they have crossed the appreciated genetics of Big Devil XL with an exotic automatic strain of purple flowers and with a Pakistani origin, obtaining an unusual plant that turns black with purple flowers and leaves as they mature, a phenomenon which is the causes of its dark and mysterious name.

Upon its the development, the plant has a instructed sativa characteristic with a strong stem, many lateral branches, a large central bud and numerous smaller buds on lateral branches, all covered with such amounts of resin that will force you to get you on your knees before the dark idol and to surrender in worship.

In 80% of the plants the buds acquire purple or red tones during the flowering period and once harvested and dried they become deep purple, almost black. Even their sweet scent and fruity flavor with citric and incensed notes is original and different.

Of moderate height (80-130cm), 8-9 weeks after flowering, Dark Devil will offer a not inconsiderable yield of between 400 and 600 grams per square meter in indoors and from 50 to 200 grams per plant in outdoors.

Features of Dark Devil Marijuana:

  • Feminized Auto
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Genotype: autoflowering
  • Genetics: Big Devil XL x Pakistani ancestry
  • THC: average
  • CBD: unknown
  • Bloom: 8-9 weeks (indoor and outdoor - northern hemisphere)