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Blue Rhino strain is an indica dominant Marijuana , the result of a cross between Blueberry and Rhino. It has an aroma of berries and currants inherited from the Blueberry lineage and narcotic effect inherited from the Rhino lineage.


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Feminized Blue Rhino Marijuana Seeds

Blue Rhino is a hybrid indica dominant Marijuana strain, the result of a cross between Blueberry selected for its aroma and taste of berries, blueberries and currants, and Rhino.

The plant harbors several characteristics from the Blueberry lineages like the distinctive blue, purple and red tones that acquires during the advanced flowering. This plant is small and compact due to its indica dominance but it develops a main central stem without many leaves.

The stems have a very reduced internodal distance, its large leaves are able to bear the weight of the flowers. If grown indoors you should know that Blue Rhino needs space to develop its roots optimally. Over the last 2 weeks of flowering you can reduce the temperature to enhance the influence of the Blue genetics. In general, after about 60 days you will be able to collect yields ranging from 550-600g per square meter.

Outdoors, in direct sunshine it will make you a happy grower by the amazing buds it will produce, of around half a kilo per plant to be collected in early October. It is highly recommended for hashish production.

Enjoy its aroma of berries, blueberries and currants that will surprise you.

Features of Blue Rhino Marijuana:

  • Feminized
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Genotype: Indica
  • genetics: Blueberry x White Widow
  • THC: 16%
  • CBD: 1.9%
  • Bloom: 60 days (indoor) or early October (outdoor - northern hemisphere)