List of products by Seedbank Female Seeds

The marijuana seed bank Female Seeds produces its strains on an organic and self-sufficient farm. Great quality at the cheapest price possible.

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Female SeedBank Strains

Female Seeds is well known marijuana seedbank for a very long time. This Dutch seebank based in Dordrech has a strong personal character, printed by Ferry, its creator. He is in charge of developing the strains since he decided in the 90's to get into Cannabis genetics world. At first his aim was to obtain his own seeds to just supplement his income. More than 20 years later, Female Seeds is one of the best marijuana afordable seedsbanks from the Netherlands.

Within his extensive seed catalogue you can find all kinds of feminized varieties, as well as auto-flowering seeds, all of them at a great price. All his creations are developed within the premises of organic farming.

Of all their catalogue we highlight to you the C99 Sativa strain, coming from one of the Grimm brothers genetics, a plant with very outstanding organoleptic properties. Its taste is a real fruit blend and produces a very high effect, clear and revealing.

Also worth mentioning is the Blueberry Cheesecake strain, as its name suggests, is another variety with a taste out of the ordinary. It adds to blueberries taste that we can find in other plants of the Blue family, a sweetness that provides a final blueberry pie blend.