Female Seeds

The marijuana seed bank Female Seeds produces its strains on an organic and self-sufficient farm. Great quality at the cheapest price possible.

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Female Seeds Seed Bank

Female Seeds is a marijuana seed bank with a long history in the world of creating Cannabis strains. In addition to being one of the pioneer seed banks in the research with feminised Cannabis seeds, it has achieved a reputation for creating some of the best Cannabis strains.

Female Seeds is known for introducing Ruderalis genetics in some of its feminised strains to obtain seeds that would produce shorter flowering plants. In this article, some notable aspects of the history of Female Seeds will be mentioned, as well as a review of some of their most outstanding Cannabis strains.

History of Female Seeds

Female Seeds was founded in Dordech, Holland, in the early 1990s. The founder, Ferry Elsigna, was a Cannabis seed enthusiast at the time. His hobby turned into a passion and eventually into a profession when he founded Female Seeds focusing largely on research. 

When Ferry first started the company, he aspired to make extra cash from his hobby. He never suspected that 30 years down the line his company would be one of the most economically priced, top-quality seed banks on the market.

One of the desires of the founder of Female Seeds was to establish an organic farm that will be able to provide all the possible natural resources in the industry. His dream would eventually come true, and Female Seeds would become one of the most important seed banks in the world. 

Female Seed now uses some of the most advanced techniques of organic farming to obtain its feminised and auto-flowering seeds. One of the most remarkable research carried out by the Female Seeds team was the introduction of the fast-flowering characteristic in feminised seeds.

The researcher, Ferry, has always been obsessed with how to achieve short flowering seeds, without having to sacrifice the desirable characteristics in a seed such as yield or potency. As a result of his first research in this field, Early Mist was born which arose from Ferry's collaboration with one of the first established growshops, Positronics.

At the time when Early Mist was developed in the 90s the research carried out in the field of Ruderalis was still in its early phases. The auto-flowering varieties produced was less than optimal. It continued this way until Ferry introduced his feminised versions with fast-flowering. Also from this epic is Easy Sativa, a Sativa seed that thrives in colder climates.

Ferry and his team were able to develop the research and offer very stable auto-flowering, short flowering feminised seeds in the process. When combined with the competitive price of the seeds in the bank's catalogue, their product became very popular with collectors around the world, as the low price of their seeds does not affect their quality.

The genetic selection process carried out by Female Seeds is meticulous, ensuring that seeds with inferior characteristics are rejected and those with more stable characteristics are selected. Also, the seed conservation process is carried out in isolation so that the specimens retain all their properties and meet the buyer in perfect condition.

Female Seeds are experts in feminised seeds, although they also have a wide catalogue of auto-flowering seeds and short flowering feminised seeds. The latter is especially attractive to collectors because of their ability to produce plants similar to feminised plants, but with shorter life cycles. This is one of the most sought-after aspects of a feminised seed.

Best strains of Female Seeds

As a result of their latest work, there are many interesting seeds from Female Seeds like the Cherry Pie strain. This strain comes from the crossing of the legendary AK, with a Purple Punch, and a Skunk Special. The result is a strain with impressive colouring, fruity organoleptic properties, and a lot of potency. It also has a lot of vigour and resistance.

Lastly, we can highlight one of Female Seeds’ latest generation of seeds - the Mimosa Champagne seeds. This strain has an American origin and its genetics comes from the combination of a Mimosa with a Champagne Kush. This variety is an aromatic Sativa, which also has an intense colour coupled with a delicious aroma.