Easy Sativa is a feminized sativa Marijuana strain easy to grow and energizing.

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Feminized Easy Sativa Marijuana Seeds

Easy Sativa is a feminized Sativa Marijuana strain and the easiest genetics to grow in the entire Female Seeds catalogue.

Easy Sativa has everything needed for a successful production. One thing to consider is its high sensibility to photoperiod modifications, hence, the lack of light will make it flower prematurely. Otherwise, this strain is adaptable, resistant and have a fast flowering period.

It starts blooming two months before the end of summer and ends just after the normal season. Therefore, it has an early harvest time for a sativa being probably the fastest Sativa in the entire market.

asy Sativa is almost exclusively for outdoor. It  can also be grown on indoors but given its features, the production will be lower when compared with other strains. It is a perfect plant to make summer crops; it can be grown on indoors with 18 hours of artificial light and under the sun on spring or summer.

The yields of Easy Sativa are high, its size can reach two and a half meters in the garden under optimal growing conditions. The plant has large internodal distances and a very good bud/leaf ratio which increases its performance and facilitates the manicuring.

Easy Sativa strain holds a herbal flavor, typical of classic marijuanas. Its high is energizing.

Main features of Easy Sativa Marijuana:


Can be grown indoors or outdoors

Genotype: Sativa

THC: Not declared CBD: Not declared

Geneticc: Not declared

Indoor flowering: 56 days Outdoor: end of summer 

Plantation: Spring or all year on indoors

Outdoor size: Up to 2,5 meters

Indoor production: Low Outdoor: High


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