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Arlite is a special substrate for indoor and outdoor, hydroponic and aeroponic cultivation of plants of all kinds. It is made from expanded clay balls between 4 and 16mm in diameter. They allow better oxygenation and drainage of the crop.

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Arlite Substrate

Experiencia Natural brings to you arlite, the expanded clay substrate that has become the go-to choice for hydroponic and aeroponic systems for cannabis plants. This unique substrate is composed of aggregate clay balls that range between 8 and 15 mm in diameter. But what makes it so special? Its porous nature allows for exceptional oxygenation and drainage, meaning your plants will grow in an environment that maximizes their potential.

  • Porosity for enhanced oxygenation
  • Efficient drainage to prevent water accumulation
  • Aggregate clay composition for greater durability
  • Varying ball dimensions for diverse cultivation needs

If you've ever experienced issues with water retention in your pots, arlite is the solution. By placing a thin layer of arlite at the bottom of your pots, you'll prevent water buildup and, consequently, root rot. Moreover, this substrate is ideal for recycling. It can be easily cleaned with a specific cleaner that prevents algae formation. At Experiencia Natural, we value sustainability and efficiency, and arlite is a substrate that reflects these ideals.

  • Prevents water retention in pots
  • Avoids root rot
  • Facilitates recycling and cleaning
  • Compatible with specific cleaners to prevent algae

Available in 5-liter or 45-liter bags, arlite offers flexibility to suit your cultivation needs. No matter the size of your operation, this substrate adapts to you. With arlite, you're investing in a substrate that is not just popular in the hydroponic and aeroponic market but is also a sustainable and efficient choice.