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Crystal Meth Marijuana ramifies a lot thus far is perfect for saving a mother and clone up to infinity. This weed is for fun, laughing and out of reality to a higher level of comprehension and knowledge.


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Feminized Crystal Meth Marijuana Seeds

When it comes to uniqueness, Crystal METH stands in a league of its own. Originating from a meticulously chosen Destroyer mother plant by Cannabiogen, it's been crossed with the renowned Critical + (Bilbo) clone. The outcome? A strain that doesn't just speak for itself but shouts out its extraordinary and unparalleled traits.

  • Origin: Destroyer x Critical + (Bilbo)
  • Genotype: Predominantly Sativa Hybrid
  • THC Levels: Exceptionally High
  • Unique Traits: Unforgettable aroma and flavor

When it comes to flowering, the introduction of the Bilbo clone has significantly shortened the time, while preserving the potent and mind-blowing effects of Destroyer. The yield has seen a substantial boost, with production ranging from 800gr to a whopping 1 kg of dry buds per outdoor plant.

Indoor cultivation requires keen attention to manage its vigorous growth. The plant branches out extensively, making it ideal for keeping a mother plant for cloning. If you're using hydroponic or aeroponic systems, it's advised to set the light cycle to 12/12 right from the get-go, whether you're starting from cuttings or seeds.

  • Indoor Height: 70-90cm
  • Outdoor Height: 90-150cm
  • Flowering Time: 8 to 10 weeks
  • Yield: 500-700 gr. (indoor), 800-1000 gr. (outdoor)

Outdoor cultivation transforms these plants into absolute weight monsters. They're not just plants; they're titans in the realm of cannabis collectibles.

The aroma during the vegetative stage is a rollercoaster of scents, ranging from earthy and spicy to a potent Skunk undertone. Once dried, the smell evolves into an explosive combination that's far more powerful than your average strain. The flavor is equally captivating; it's a taste that, once experienced, you'll find hard to forget.

Crystal METH is also well-suited for SCRoG planting, offering more than satisfactory results. It's a strain that's versatile enough for any type of cultivation setup.

Contrary to Dr. Underground's Painkiller variety, Crystal METH is all about fun, laughter, and transcending reality to a higher plane of understanding. It's a strain suitable for any cultivation method.

For those interested in exploring more about this fascinating strain, you can visit Dr Underground. And if you're looking to add this unique collectible to your collection, Experiencia Natural is the place to go.