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Blue Moby Auto by Seedstockers is a hybrid autoflowering strain with a mix of fruity and spicy flavours, a happy and relaxed effect and a huge yield.


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Blue Moby Auto by Seedstockers

Blue Moby Auto is a feminized autoflowering cannabis hybrid created by crossing Blue Dream and Sour Diesel, with the addition of Moby Dick for extra potency. This strain is characterized by two different phenotypes: one short, tight and compact, with fattened calyxes, and one that stretches a lot and produces much smaller calyxes. Blue Moby is known for having an intense blueberry flavour and aroma, and the buds produced by the first phenotype are considered the epitome of bud and calyx structure.

What is Blue Moby Auto like?

Blue Moby Auto is an incredibly easy to grow marijuana strain that produces huge amounts of potent weed, even with the smallest amount of nutrients. These genetics are automatic, but produce exceptional yields in the 12 weeks it takes to complete its full cycle. Defoliation is key to maximizing yields.

This strain has two phenotypes: the first is less than 60 cm tall, and the second gets much taller (about 80 cm). The first phenotype took 75 days to get ready, while the second phenotype would probably have been happier with a full 90-100 day cycle for optimal results. 

Blue Moby also takes the prize for the most beautiful bud structure, thanks to her gigantic snowy beasts that show all the colours of the Northern Lights. 

Blue Moby Auto yield capacity

Blue Moby Auto marijuana seeds produced an overall good yield, averaging 150g per plant. However, the short and stocky phenotype produced the best yield, with over 200g per plant.

Common effects

According to the manufacturer Seedstockers, Blue Moby produces a strong body sedation and a mental high. This hybrid will hit directly behind the eyes and travel to your cheeks before it travels through your entire body. Although there is extreme body relaxation, there is some stimulation that keeps the mind active.

Aromatic properties

Blue Moby Auto marijuana is a cannabis strain with a wide variety of aromas, such as blueberry pies, blueberry syrup and other products made with blueberry. The dried buds retain their syrupy blueberry sweetness, while developing an earthy, woody aroma that comes through in Blue Moby's thick smoke.

Blue Moby Auto by Seedstockers Features

  •  Manufacturer: Seedstockers
  •  Cross: Blue Dream x Moby Dick x Alpha Blue
  •  Feminized
  •  Type of crop : Indoor/Outdoor
  •  Dominant : Hybrid
  •  Yield : Huge
  •  THC : Medium (14 -22%)
  •  Taste : Sweet Spicy
  •  Effect : Happy Chill
  •  Flowering period : 9 weeks

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