The Rootit thermostat for regulating thermal mats allows an exhaustive control of the temperature of the thermal blankets. Ideal for maintaining the thermal environment of cuttings and seedlings.

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Rootit Thermal Mat Thermostat

The Rootit Thermal Mat Thermostat is the ideal companion for cuttings and seedling growers, as it allows you to keep an exhaustive control of the temperature of the heating blanket so that it is never exceeded and, thus, ruin all the previous work.

Exhaustive Control

Rootit's thermal mat thermostat allows degree-by-degree control of the propagator temperature. Due to its independent temperature probe, it allows you to control the temperature in the area of the crop of your choice. In addition, it has a long cable of 2 meters, so that it can be placed in a comfortable location. It allows you to plug in any device up to 1000W, enough for the most powerful heating mats on the market.


The Rootit thermostat for thermal mat control is not only that. It can also be used as an electronic thermometer due to its high precision in the measurements and to control other devices that are not thermal blankets, such as heating devices. In this case it allows the use of devices with a maximum power of 1000W. 

Mode of operation

Insert the thermal mat in the propagator, under the cuttings or plants. Connect the Rootit thermostat to the wall socket and the heating blanket to the socket on the thermostat. The thermostat should be used in a temperature and humidity controlled environment and never submerged in water. The probe should be what is inserted in the area where the cuttings are, inside the propagator. To set the temperature, press the 'set' button for 3 seconds and use the 'up' and 'down' buttons to choose the desired level. If you want to switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius, press one of the 'up' and 'down' buttons. Long press 'up' will switch to Celcius and long press and hold 'down' will switch to Fahrenheit - an LED will illuminate on the display to distinguish between the two. The power LED will illuminate each time the heating blanket is used. This LED will turn off once the temperatures recorded by the probe have reached a level that matches the chosen setting, indicating that the thermostat has turned off power to the heating blanket.

Rootit Thermal Mat Thermostat features

  • High-precision thermostat thermostat
  • Compatible with all types of heating blankets and other heating devices
  • Innovative way of programming
  • Precise microchip thermostat
  • Indoor electronic thermostat
  • Easy adjustment / LED indicator
  • Celsius or Farenheit
  • Range of regulated temperature: 20ºc to 42ºC
  • 220-240V 50 Hz
  • Max. power of the controlled devices: 1000 W
  • Max. current 4,2A
  • User's manual (English/French/French/Italian/English/Spanish)
  • Includes adapter to adapt the American plug to the European plug.

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