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The Dark Propagator 4.0 grow tents by Secret Jardin are small grow tents ideal for growing cuttings and clones.


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Dark Propagator 4.0 grow tents

The Dark Propagator 4.0 grow tents by Secret Jardin are small grow tents designed to keep cuttings and seedlings, allowing their initial development in a controlled environment without light pollution.


One of the points in which Dark Propagator 4.0 stands out the most is its size and orientation. Contrary to conventional plant growth cabinets, these Secret Jardin cabinets are wider than they are tall, making them ideal for placing many small plants. For that reason, the manufacturer indicates that this cabinet is intended for the cultivation of clones and cuttings, even plants in the initial stage of their development. The most recommended types of lighting for this type of cabinet are equipment using fluorescent tubes, such as the Tneon TN110. These allow the plants to be illuminated from a very short distance without damaging them.

High quality construction

The Dark Propagator 4.0 is manufactured with a strong steel structure of 16mm diameter and its interior is fully lined with Mylar 190T, a material with high light reflection capacity. It also has inlets and outlets for extractors up to 150mm, which are more than enough to feed the air volume of these cabinets. It is made of breathable and resistant material, which allows maintaining a homogeneous temperature and humidity throughout the cabinet.

Features Dark Propagator 4.0

  • Size: 60x40x60 cm or 90x60x98 cm
  • Recommended lighting: CFL or fluorescent
  • Material: highly reflective mylar fabric
  • Structure: 16mm diameter steel posts

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