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Koppert Horiver insect traps are the ideal allies to control and eliminate all types of insects. Available in two sizes and colors.

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Horiver Insect Traps

Koppert Horiver insect traps are one of the best devices available on the market for the control and elimination of different types of pests. They are traps that work by immobilizing the insects, due to the glue that impregnates them.


Horiver insect traps are respectful of plants and the environment because their glue does not contain toxic compounds and is 100% ecological, so it does not present any risk to plants or to the grower. Its way of acting is by contact, that is, when insects walk on them, they get stuck and end up dying because they cannot feed.

Different colors for different insects

Koppert traps are available in two different colors: yellow and blue. This is not for aesthetic reasons, but because the different colors attract different types of insects. In this case, the manufacturer recommends the blue traps for thrips and whiteflies and the yellow traps for mites, aphids, leafminers, etc. Thus, it is very important to know what type of insects we want to eliminate when buying this type of traps, so that they work in the most effective way for the invaders of your crop.

Form of Application

Depending on the type of crop and the type of pest, the traps should be placed in different ways. In the case of tall crops the traps should be placed above the plants. To eliminate leafminers, they should be placed horizontally, in the aisles between plants (in this case it is recommended to use the larger ones). In outdoor crops, the ideal is to place them supported by canes or wires, about 30 cm above the plants. In indoor crops, the most important thing is to cover the areas with the highest risk of entry, such as doors, ends of the canopy and ventilation openings


According to the manufacturer, about 5 traps per 1,000 m2 should be used to prevent and control the appearance of pests. In the case of indoor crops, the most important areas will be the passageways (entrances, ducts, etc.). To eliminate the pests that are already in the crop, they should be applied in the conflictive points detailed above with at least 1 trap per 20 m2 up to a maximum of 1 trap per 2 m2.

Characteristics of insect traps

  • Models: Blue (thrips and white fly) and Yellow (mites, aphids, spider mites, etc.).
  • Dimensions: 10 x 25 cm and 40 x 25 cm
  • Quantity: 10 traps (10 x 25) and 12 traps (40 x 25)
  • Self-adhesive
  • Laminates with grids to facilitate insect counting.