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Mandarin Punch Auto marijuana seeds are the autoflowering version of the delicious Mandarin genetics, created by the famous Sensi Seeds bank.


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Mandarin Punch Auto Seeds from Sensi Seeds

Mandarin Punch Auto from Sensi Seeds is the result of the work of this bank with the Mandarin genetics, well known for its very characteristic aroma and flavor. This ewas crossed with the Punch genetics, a very famous strain among the American genetics for its effect.  Specifically, this cross was created with Maple Leaf Indica x White Widow x NYC Diesel x Hindu Kush.

How is Mandarin Punch Auto?

Mandarin Punch Auto seeds grow vigorously to produce plants with 60% Indica genetics. Its specimens are compact and robust, with a strong central stem and very dense branches, so this Indica genetics is noticeable. According to the information provided by the bank, these plants are easy to care for and respond very well to advanced growing techniques such as SOG, Supercropping and Lollipopping.

Its complete life cycle takes about 9 weeks from germination to harvest, both indoors and outdoors.

Production capacity of Mandarin Punch Auto

Mandarin Punch Auto specimens offer high yields, according to the manufacturer, which does not indicate specific production values.

Most common effects

The effects of this genetics are balanced and intermingle a strongly relaxing effect of its Indica genetics with a slightly more euphoric and creative point, responsibility for the Sativa part of its genetics.

Organoleptic properties

The organoleptic properties are one of the highlights of the Mandarin Punch Auto, with a sweet and fruity aroma, very citric, with notes of tropical fruits and tangerine.

Characteristics of the Mandarin Punch Auto:

  • Feminized autoflowering
  • Indoor and outdoor
  • Genotype: Autoflowering hybrid
  • Genetics: Maple Leaf Indica x White Widow x NYC Diesel x Hindu Kush
  • Cannabinoids: Not declared
  • Height: Short
  • Life cycle: about 63 days, indoors and outdoors
  • Yield: High

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