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Hesi Bio Bloom is the flowering fertilizer of the new organic range of the Hesi brand, a company that achieved worldwide fame for its line of mineral fertilizers and enters, for the first time, in the world of 100% organic fertilizers. It is also a product fully compatible with hydroponic systems.

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Sale of Hesi Bio Bloom fertilizer from Hesi

Hesi Bio Bloom is the new organic flowering fertilizer from the famous Hesi fertilizer brand. This new product is the first foray of this brand in 100% organic fertilizers, obtained exclusively from plant extracts.

Hesi Bio Bloom fertilizer is the ideal product to offer an explosive flowering, with unparalleled results and dense and compact flowers. Its NPK 4-2.5-5 allows the plant to nourish and develop flowers of the highest quality.

Since it is a product that does not form agglomerates or crystallize, it is completely suitable for drip irrigation systems and water pumps, which is why it is one of the few 100% organic fertilizers that can be used in hydroponic crops.

With the help of Hesi Bio Bloom the harvest results will reach a new level, with top quality flowers both in size and aroma. For best results, the manufacturer also recommends using Hesi Super Vit, a stimulator that provides vitamins and amino acids. 

Benefits of Hesi Bio Bloom by Hesi:

Essential to obtain plants with explosive flowering and unique results.

Hesi Bio Bloom can be mixed with other liquid fertilizers, pesticides or water to create a mixture that is ideal for spraying plants.

It is recommended to use in conjunction with Super Vit and the same brand's Power Zyme for even better results.

Suitable for all types of substrates.

Shake well before use.

Available in 500ml and 1L.


Watering: Add 5ml per liter of water. For mother plants add 2,5mL per liter of water.

Use at every watering.


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