DECARBOX, decarboxylating machine


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The Decarbox is a decarboxylating box to decarboxylate the herb before cooking it. It is compact, convenient, affordable and comes with a temperature gauge.

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Herb cooking enthusiasts are in luck with the new Decarbox. It is an easily transportable, food-grade silicone box, which is used to decarboxylate herbs to enhance all their properties in the kitchen. The Decarbox is a must-have at every gourmet's kitchen.

The Decarbox has a temperature gauge, allowing precise calibration to obtain accurate results. A system that allows you to make decarboxylations when and where you want them easily. The temperature gauge is positioned outside the oven and allows you to check the temperature safely, without having to open the oven.

When the desired temperature is reached, just pull the food grade silicone box out of the Decarbox and get the precious herb from the plants, in its best state for eating or cooking.

With the introduction of such useful tools as the Decarbox, the process of obtaining decarboxylated herb is much simpler. It is no longer necessary to use unsuitable containers, with the risk of burns. With the Decarbox it is possible to achieve the best results with a compact tool that is easy to carry from one place to another.

The Decarbox's food grade silicone casing prevents the loss of valuable plant compounds and also ensures maximum retention of beneficial phytonutrients. It is the most efficient decarboxylation system on the market.

The Decarbox includes the food grade silicone box, a power cord, instructions and thermometer.

Decarbox Characteristics

Width: 16.51 cm

Length: 22.86 cm

Height: 7.62 cm

Weight: 0.454 kg