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Buy Chocolate Kush Fast seeds from 00 Seeds seedbank. This new strain is the fast flowering version of the classic Chocolate Kush and has an Indica dominance and an earthy aroma.


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Chocolate Kush Fast feminized seeds by 00 Seeds

Now available in Experiencia Natural the Chocolate Kush Fast feminized seeds from 00 Seeds seedbank, an institution in its sector. To obtain this fast flowering variety, the expert breeders of 00 Seeds combined their acclaimed Sensi Star variety with a high quality Afghani strain.

What is Chocolate Kush Fast like?

The Chocolate Kush Fast feminized strain produces Indica-dominant specimens. In addition, the specimens of this strain have a low height of less than 100 cm indoors and medium-high outdoor sizes of up to 250 cm. Its structure is similar to that of a Christmas tree, with a large central flower, short internodal distance and high resistance.

The manufacturer indicates that the Chocolate Kush Fast is a strain that does not present complications and that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. 

On the other hand, the flowering time of this strain has been shortened compared to the original Chocolate Kush. Thus, this strain can complete the flowering cycle indoors in a period of less than 56 days; while outdoors, flowering finishes around the last week after summer.

Production of the Chocolate Kush Fast

The strains of the Kush family are popular for their resistance, yield and ability to produce resin. The 00 Seeds Chocolate Kush Fast strain can yield up to 400 grams per square meter indoors. However, the manufacturer does not indicate the average outdoor yield.

Most common effects

The Kush family is also capable of producing a lot of psychoactive load. Thus, the Chocolate Kush Fast feminized can produce up to 22% THC. In addition, due to its Indica nature, it is possible for this strain to provide long-lasting sedative effects.

Organoleptic properties

The chocolate-scented parentals of Chocolate Kush Fast are attested in the organoleptic profile of this strain, marked by earthy and complex aromas, which suggest the presence of terpenes such as nerolidol.

Main characteristics

  • Indoor and outdoor
  • Feminized
  • Genotype: Mainly Indica
  • Genetics: Sensi Star x Afghan
  • THC: 22%.
  • CBD: Not declared
  • Flowering: Less than 55 days indoors and the week after the end of summer outdoors
  • Production: 400 gr/m2 indoors