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Buy one and get another for free. Feminized Sensi Seeds Himalayan CBD comes from Sensi Research and offers THC:CBD 1:2 ratios, earthy aromas and XXL yields.


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Double Joy: Two units of Himalayan CBD Feminized for the price of one

Ready to take your cannabis experience to the next level? Introducing the two for the price of one offer from Himalayan CBD! A brilliant creation from the Sensi Research program, this strain captures the best of both worlds with its super-abundant yields and 1:2 THC:CBD ratio. Being an Indica-dominant hybrid, its roots dip into the legendary Hindu Kush and a high-CBD strain.

Why Himalayan CBD is Your Best Choice

By purchasing two units, you'll be doubly grateful for these moderate-sized wonders. Their simplicity of cultivation makes them the ideal choice for any level of experience. They're especially compatible with milder climates.

The compact design of Himalayan CBD is even more remarkable when you consider her sparse side branches and majestic central bud. It's as if all the plant's energy is concentrated in one spot.

In terms of time to harvest, you're looking at around 8-9 weeks in an indoor environment. If you decide on an outdoor environment, you can expect to harvest one or two weeks after summer's farewell.

Double Your Yield Expectations with Himalayan CBD

Thirsty for yield? With the purchase of two units, you will be maximising Himalayan CBD's high yielding capabilities. But don't forget, optimising her full potential requires some experience and ideal growing conditions.

Discover the Magic: What Sensation Does Himalayan CBD Give You?

This strain will take you into a state of deep relaxation with its intense and calming body and mind impact. Imagine feeling that twice as much!

A Flavour Journey with Himalayan CBD

Here the flavour translates into an earthy, aged adventure, like an aged wood telling stories of the past. When tasted, the experience intensifies with more robust and bitter tones.

Extended Features of Himalayan CBD Marijuana

  • Two Units: Indoor and Outdoor
  • Enhanced Genetics: Feminised
  • Genetic Profile: Indica dominance at its best
  • Cannabinoid Essence: THC and CBD in perfect 1:2 ratio
  • Height: Medium, perfect for any space
  • Balanced Flowering: Medium cycle of maturity
  • Maximize Your Harvest: Exceptional production
  • Ideal Planting: From spring to infinity with artificial light