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Sale of Feminized Cristal Limit marijuana seeds, a powerful Indica strain of unknown origins with good yield. Buy now Cristal Limit with free shipping & gift.


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Cristal Limit feminized Marijuana Seeds

The Cristal Limit seeds have a secret origin because although they come from a cross between Cristal and KC 606, nobody else but KC Brains knows where those both come from. The Dutch bank that offers us this powerful Indica strain of good yield, more than acceptable for a small plant.

How is the structure of Cristal Limit?

The structure of Cristal Limit is typical of an Indica plant, with short internodal distance, wide leaves and a slightly darker color. The height of these plants is short, which makes it ideal for growing in confined spaces.

It is a plant suitable for extractions of resin, honoring its name, reaches a limit of brutal crystals.

How much does Cristal Limit produce?

The amount of harvest that is capable of producing Cristal Limit is high, we speak of up to 500gr/m2 indoors, while for outdoor crops the yield reaches up to 750 grams per plant.

What effect does Cristal Limit produce?

Cristal Limit has a powerful effect, mainly relaxing and visionary, its large amount of trichomes ensures a deep effect.

What does Cristal Limit taste like?

Cristal Limit marijuana seeds produce musk-scented plants and also herbal touches with a parts of Sandalwood and Cedar.

How to grow Cristal Limit?

Cristal Limit marijuana grows very well indoor and outdor, when grown with sun is where it develops all its potential. In general it is a robust plant that supports quite well certain disadvantages.

The flowering period of Crystal Limit is from 6 to 9 weeks indoors, while outdoors its time for harvest comes about 2 or 3 weeks after the day that ends the summer.

Cristal Limit Features

Indoor and Outdoor
Genotype: Indica
Genetics: Crystal x KC 606
Cannabinoids: THC and CBD not declared
Height: up to 1 mt indoors, up to 2 mt outdoors
Flowering: 45-60 days (indoor) or 2-3 weeks after end of summer
Yield: up to 500 gr/m2 (indoor); outdoors up to 750 grams per plant
Plantation: Spring or all the year with artificial light.


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