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Yellow Finger wooden tips are high quality tips manufactured in Brazil. Available in 3 different sizes they are ideal for rolling both 1/4 and King Size paper.

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Wooden Mouthpieces for Rolling

If you're one of those passionate smokers who seek an exceptional smoking experience, Yellow Finger wooden mouthpieces are the perfect choice for you. These premium-quality mouthpieces come in 3 different sizes, each crafted from a unique wood that adds a special touch to your smoking moments. Each box contains a total of 10 mouthpieces, allowing you to enjoy a lasting and authentic experience.

The dimensions of these mouthpieces range from 15mm (for 1/4 size papers) to 25mm (ideal for King Size papers), making them compatible with a wide variety of pipes and bongs. They are available in three wood options: ivory, red eucalyptus, and walnut wood, each with its own character and style.

These exceptional wooden mouthpieces are manufactured in Brazil, and most importantly, they are free from toxic chemicals like lead and arsenic, ensuring a pure and safe smoking experience. Moreover, they are reusable, so you can enjoy their company for a long time.

Are you ready to try a new sensation while smoking? Yellow Finger wooden mouthpieces offer a comfortable grip and unique sensations that elevate your smoking experience to a whole new level. Experience the difference these high-quality mouthpieces make.

Features of Wooden Mouthpieces for Rolling Marijuana

Each order includes 10 mouthpieces.

Small: 15x5mm, ivory wood, ideal for 1/4 size papers

Big: 20x8mm, walnut wood, ideal for King Size papers

Long: 25x5mm, red eucalyptus wood, ideal for King Size papers

Discover the magic of smoking with style and quality. Yellow Finger wooden mouthpieces are the perfect complement to your moments of relaxation and enjoyment!