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The strain of cannabis Gorilla Candy is the result of the work of the boys of Eva Seeds to obtain a careful and very resinous crossing. Fruit of the cross of two mythical varieties, it offers enormous white crystals, exquisite aroma and a potency that will leave you hallucinated.


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Feminized Gorilla Candy Marijuana Seeds

Gorilla Candy marijuana seeds from Eva Seeds come to Experiencia Natural as a novelty from this Spanish bank already famous for its incredible varieties. To obtain Gorilla Candy, the breeders of Eva Seeds have crossed a clone of Gorilla Glue #4 with their wonderful Papa's Candy, a variety that never disappoints. The result is a very aromatic, potent strain with enormous resin productions.

Gorilla Candy's structure corresponds to its genetics, mostly Indica (75%) and offers spruce shaped plants, quite branched and with a medium internodal distance. The stems of this variety are robust and, at the end of its flowering, will delight the eyes of all who cultivate it with its incredible production of very aromatic resin. That is why it is an ideal plant for extractions.

Besides that, Gorilla Candy is a very easy to care for plant that can be grown in almost any condition or substrate.

Gorilla Candy is a strain with high production. In the interior, and after about 45-55 days of flowering, can get up to 600 grams per square meter with the help of lamps. When grown outdoors, about a week after the end of summer, it is a variety that can get up to 2 kilograms per plant.

The Gorilla Candy effect is powerful and very balanced, allowing to obtain the best of both worlds. While allowing you to relax, its effect keeps you lively, cheerful and fun, making it an ideal variety to share with friends on a sofa.

Gorilla Candy is a variety with a complex flavor, blending an intense sweetness with notes of coffee and spices. It is ideal for the most demanding tasters!

The Gorilla Candy variety won the 1st prize in the Cannaval 2018 cup in the professional grass category.

Features of Gorilla Candy Marijuana:

  • Feminized
  • Interior and exterior
  • Genotype: Indica at 75%.
  • Genetics: Gorilla Glue #4 x Papa's Candy
  • THC: up to 23%.
  • CBD: Low
  • Production: between 550 and 600 gr/m2 (indoor); up to 2 kg per plant (outdoor)
  • Plantation: During spring
  • Flowering: 45-55 days (indoor) or one week after the end of summer
  • Height: up to 3 meters outdoors.