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Sideral feminized is a sativa dominant Marijuana strain from Ripper Seeds. It is uniform, has a off-the-beaten complex flavor and provides just the ideal effect. 


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Feminized Sideral Marijuana Seeds

Sideral seeds by Ripper Seeds is the first commercial strain this bank has produced. It was created by crossing a legendary clone of Lavender Kush with our Amnesia. Due ot its uniform genetics, Sidereal is used to create other strains. 

Sideral is a hybrid that was especially developed to achieve plants harboring unparalleled and complex flavors. The structure is of spruce type, with average internodal distance. It also produce dense flowers and offers good productions. 

Sideral is collected early, in about 10 weeks from seed germination in a growing room, while in the garden this variety can be collected 3 weeks after the end of summer. On indoors, we recommend to change the photoperiod after only two weeks of growth.

Sideral is able to offer productions of up to 450gr / m2 of dry buds on indoors, while on the outside the production can reach up to kilograms per plant.

As referred above, this strain really stands out for its very appreciated taste, combining many different nuances that make it special and complex and a challenge for expert tasters.

Sideral provides a powerful but bearable effect at the same time. Hence, this kind of effect allos you to be energetic and doing any type of activity.

Main features of Sideral Marijuana:

Indoor and outdoor


Genotype: Hybrid, Sativa dominance (60%)

Genetic:  Lavender Kush x Amnesia

THC: High CBD: Not declared

Indoor flowering: 60 - 65 days

Production: Medium - High both indoors and outdoors 

Outdoor harvest: 2 or 3 weeks after the end of summer.  

Maximum outdoor height: 300 centimeters.


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