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Blue Amnesia XXL Autoflowering Marijuana from Dinafem is very easy to grow producing leaves that can acquire violet hues. Its effect is balanced and potent and taste like berries and peppers.


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Blue Amnesia XXL Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

Blue Amnesia XXL Auto from Dinafem is an autflowering Cannabis crossing between Blueberry, Ruderalis and Original Amnesia. After 3 generations, its phenotype was stabilized harboring fantastic features.

Besides the flavor, scent and effect, Blue Amnesia XXL Auto also stands out by the beauty of the plant. In fact, this specimen has a solid and slender look, an average height with average internodes. But the beauty really relies in its leaves that are thin and elongated, which when exposed to cold acquire beautiful hues ranging from bluish and violet, a feature inherited from Blueberry. This happens when the night temperature is lower than 10 °C.

Blue Amnesia XXL Auto is a perfect choice for beginner growers due its ease of culture. Besides that, it requires very little care and is as resistant to pests and mold. Moreover, the crop can be collected in onlçy 75 or 80 days. The best results can be achieved by planting it at the middle of the spring, the best time to enjoy the maximum amount of natural light.

Another tip to make the most of Blue Amnesia XXL Auto is to mix the ground with about 30% of coconut substrate. With this, the metabolization of the plant is accelerated in a well oxygenated environment.

The buds of Blue Amnesia XXL grow in an elongated manner, become very compact and at the end of the flowering period they are totally covered by a mantle of resin. In a growing and with optimal growing conditions, the production usually range from 400 to 450 grams per plant, while in the outside, each plant yields between 60 and 170 grams.

Blue Amnesia XXL Auto has an aroma and flavour mixed with red fruits and spicy hints of black pepper. The effect affects both the mind and body. It is strong and remains for a long time. This effect will invite to chat and to have lively conversations between friends for a while.

Features of Blue Amnesia XXL Auto:

Genotype: Sativa/ Indica/Ruderalis

THC: not stated, but known to be high

CBD: not stated

Genetics: Original Amnesia Auto x Blueberry Auto

Flowering: 75 to 80 days

Harvest: April to October